What long term care does a wood floor need?

1 – Floor mats

The natural place to start is at the door, and a good quality floor mat will catch dirt and grit, preventing damage further into to your home.

2 – Rugs or carpet runners

We know that the last thing you want to do is cover up the beautiful texture of your natural wood floor, but sometimes prevention is better than the cure.

3 – Be careful with furniture

Never drag furniture or other objects across your wood floor – it can easily result in unsightly dents or scratches.

4 – Shoe rules

Avoid wearing heavy shoes or work boots when stepping onto your natural wood floor. High heels, and stilettoes in particular, should be avoided.

5 – Clean up spills

Liquid is the enemy, so mop up any spilled drinks and never allow water or other liquids to sit for any length of time. 1525075_576570802422886_2084955543_n

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